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The Purr-Low™ is handmade in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality faux fur sourced locally. Please note that the fur used in The Purr-Low™ is carefully selected for its soft and huggable texture. While it is designed to feel like a cat's fur, please be aware that as a synthetic material, it is not exactly the same as real cat fur. Rest assured, we chose faux fur to ensure that The Purr-Low™ is an ethical and sustainable product.

Inside The Purr-Low™ is a lycra tube filled with small lightweight plastic pellets (polyethylene) which weigh approximately 1.5 kilos.

The sound box is a self contained unit powered by 3 pcs 1.5V AAA Battery and has an on button when pressed and the bespoke purr is designed to last approximately 75 seconds.

Whilst we take great pride in the photography of our products using the best photographic equipment possible colour variations may occur and we cannot control the screen you are using to view our site. Please view the photos as a guide to the actual colour only.

Warning: Small lightweight beads present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Composition: 100% Acrylic Blend

The Purr-Low™ Size: 50cm x 18cm

Filling: Plastic Pellets (polyethylene)

Power Supply: 3 pcs 1.5V AAA Battery.

The Purr-Low™ is handmade to order in Melbourne, Australia and we take great pride in making sure The Purr-Low™ is manufactured with great care.

The Purr-Low™ you order will take approximately 1-2 weeks to be dispatched and you will receive shipping information once The Purr-Low™ is on it's way to you. We will endeavour to get your order to you ASAP. Once your order has been dispatched, delivery time will be subject to the delivery service selected but depending on location it is approximately 2-7 days for Australian Orders and 1-2 weeks for International orders.

If you would like one sooner, please contact us hello@thepurr-low.com and we will be happy to organise a faster delivery time if possible.

The Purr-Low™ can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and please follow the care instruction on the label and below.

  • Do Not Immerse
  • Do Not Machine Wash
  • Do Not Microwave
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Tumble Dry

Once you have placed an order, you should receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you provided at checkout. If for some reason, you did not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folders. If you still cannot find this, please contact us at hello@thepurr-low.com and include your name, address and phone number and we will get back to you asap.

Once you have ordered The Purr-Low™ but have changed your mind as to which one you prefer. Please contact us at hello@thepurr-low.com within 3 days of your order include your order number, name, address and phone number and we will do everything we can to change your preference.

If you have received The Purr-Low™ and it's the wrong colour, please contact us immediately at hello@thepurr-low.com and we will organise the return and delivery of The Purr-Low™ at no extra charge to you

Unfortunately our gift cards are non-transferable and cannot be cancelled or returned.

No, The Purr-Low™ does not vibrate but it does purr like a cat. Our focus has been on creating a soothing and calming sensory experience through the soft faux fur texture and a bespoke purring function. However, we are always exploring new ideas and improvements for our products, so we may consider incorporating vibration in the future. Stay tuned for any exciting developments from The Purr-Low™ team!

Afterpay allows you to purchase from online store and pay later in 4 easy interest-free instalments.

How does Afterpay work?

To pay with Afterpay:

  • Add your items to the cart
  • Select Afterpay as the payment option at the checkout
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Is there any interest on the amount paid?

No, there is no interest payable by you

Is there an order limit?

Yes, the maximum purchase amount using Afterpay on is .

What are other terms and conditions I need to be aware of?

Full terms & conditions are available at http://www.afterpay.com/terms

How often is repayment?

Afterpay offers your order to be paid in 4 instalments with repayment automatically occuring every 2 weeks. 

How do I sign up for Afterpay?

Select Afterpay as a payment method (or visit the website).

You can register as you complete your purchase.

How do returns work with Afterpay?

Merchants will be able to initiate all eligible refunds on your behalf. Once completed, your refund will be applied to your order.

Does Afterpay charge interest?

There is no interest payable by you if you place an order using Afterpay.

Can I place an Afterpay order with you over the phone?

Afterpay is available as an online payment method and requires login credentials for authorisation. Our team members or merchants are unable to place an order on your behalf.

Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

If you would like to know more about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website www.afterpay.com for a comprehensive list of FAQs & terms. Afterpay’s Privacy Policy which can be found at https://www.afterpay.com/ privacy-policy

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