The Purr-Low™ Story


The idea of a purring pillow may not be unique but what makes our version different from the rest is that we have designed the pillow to be weighted, had it shaped similar to a cat's body and recorded a bespoke purr to give you the sense of a cat and the comfort of a furry companion.

We created The Purr-Low™ after missing the weight of our sweet fur baby Esmeralda cuddling against us as we slept or stroking her fur as she sat next to us on the couch.

Esmeralda was with us for 20 years. She was beautiful, talkative and very independent. She loved to burrow under the blankets, and sit right next to you and place her head on your hand. She's not too fond of being picked up but loves her belly rubs. She had a distinct meow that greeted us daily and bounced down the stairs like a rabbit. She was our friend, our fur-baby, our little girl.

The Purr-Low™ is designed as a comfort pillow, something for you to hold, squeeze and run your fingers through the faux fur, just as if you were holding a cat. The pillows are about 1.5 kilos, weighted with small glass beads, the same ones you find in a weighted blanket and are 50cm x 18cm in size.

The weight, the faux fur and the purr are all designed to comfort you. To provide grief companionship, as an aid for pet therapy or as a novelty toy. The Purr-Low™ From our heart to yours. ❤️

To lose such a friend is never easy and from our heart to yours, we hope that this idea of ours will bring you some comfort.

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From our heart to yours ❤️