FAQs For Care Facilities

Why should I consider The Purr-Low™ in my care facility?

A survey of residential and retirement villages across Australia on the inclusion of pets in aged care settings by the Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) has discovered that more than 90 percent of respondents have rated access to pets as very or vitally important for residents.

Whilst 64% of Australian households own a pet, only 18% of aged care homes allow pet ownership and only 22% allow a pet to visit.

This is where introducing The Purr-Low™ as an alternative to Pet Therapy is going to be effective in care facilities especially if it does not allow visitation by animals. 

The Purr-Low’s™ weight, faux fur, and bespoke purr are all designed to give the user a sense of comfort, companionship and can help aged care clients cope with their life changes.

The purring sound is activated by squeezing The Purr-Low™ or pressing on the sound box located inside. The purring sound will last for approximately 70 seconds and will turn off by itself. To reactivate The Purr-Low™ purr, just squeeze it again.

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The weight, the faux fur and the purr are all designed to comfort you. To provide grief companionship, as an aid for pet therapy or as a novelty toy. The Purr-Low™ From our heart to yours. ❤️

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality faux fur.

Warning: Small lightweight beads present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Composition: 100% Acrylic Blend

The Purr-Low™ Size: 50cm x 18cm

Filling: Plastic Pellets (polyethylene)

Power Supply: 3 pcs 1.5V AAA Battery.

Disclaimer: The Purr-Low product colors may appear different on each monitor due to device settings and photographic lighting sources. Please view the photos as a guide to the actual color only.

In addition, please be aware that The Purr-Low weighted pillow’s faux fur style, actual color, and textured finishes may vary slightly per product based on the availability or dye lot changes of the materials between manufacturers i.e. there are different shades of white, gray, pink etc. We cannot be responsible for factory result differences.