Sensory Needs

The Purr-Low™ Sensory Needs

The Purr-Low™ as an aid for sensory needs

Picture this: you're at a carnival, and there are lights flashing, people screaming, and the smell of fried food wafting through the air. Now imagine experiencing that level of sensory overload every day. That's what it's like for individuals with autism and sensory needs. That's where occupational therapy comes in - helping them navigate the world with strategies and tools like The Purr-Low™ to tackle the chaos.

What is ASD?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects the way a person thinks, feels, and interacts with others. Children with ASD may struggle with communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors.

One aspect of ASD that can significantly impact a child's daily life is sensory needs. This refers to how a child processes and responds to sensory input such as touch, sound, smell, taste, and sight. Some children with ASD may be over-sensitive to certain stimuli, while others may seek out sensory experiences.

Understanding a child's sensory needs can help parents and caregivers provide an environment that supports their child's development and well-being. This can include sensory-friendly activities, strategies for managing sensory overload and creating a calming sensory space.

This is where occupational therapy comes in. It helps them to become more independent and able to take on daily tasks that might otherwise be difficult or overwhelming for them. By working with an occupational therapist, individuals with autism and sensory needs can learn skills that will help them navigate the world around them, such as how to regulate their emotions and behaviors, how to improve their motor skills, and how to cope with sensory overload.

How can The Purr-Low™ help with sensory needs?

At The Purr-Low™, we understand the challenges that children with ASD face in processing sensory information, which can often lead to anxiety and stress. That's why we designed The Purr-Low™ with them in mind, to provide a soothing experience that can help alleviate these symptoms.

Our pillow is made with premium faux fur, which gives it a soft and huggable texture, akin to holding a cat. It also features a bespoke purring function, which adds an extra layer of comfort and relaxation to the sensory experience.

In addition, The Purr-Low™'s weight of 1.5 kilos provides a comforting sensation, similar to that of a weighted blanket, making it perfect for students who need a little extra support during their day, whether at home or in a school setting. This weight can help with stress, anxiety, and sleep problems, making it a versatile tool for sensory integration.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia, The Purr-Low™ is a durable and high-quality product that can withstand frequent use. It features changeable batteries, ensuring that they can be used repeatedly without any interruption. With ten different colors available, there is an option to suit any personal preference, making it a perfect fit for sensory seekers.

We believe that The Purr-Low™ can be a valuable addition to your sensory toolkit, providing children with the comfort and support they need that can be taken anywhere, providing comfort and sensory support on the go. 

The weight, the faux fur and the purr are all designed to comfort you. To provide grief companionship, as an aid for pet therapy or as a novelty toy. The Purr-Low™ From our heart to yours. ❤️

The Purr-Low™ is handmade to order in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality faux fur. 

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