Grief Companionship

The Purr-Low Grief Companionship

Furbabies crossing the rainbow bridge will always be painful but we hope The Purr-Low™ can be of some comfort to you or someone you know who's going through the feeling of loss.

The Purr-Low™'s role in Grief Companionship.

Through our experience of losing our fur babies, we have learned a lot about grief. By no means are we an expert but we just wanted to share with you some of the things we learned and hopefully this can help someone who is grieving or who knows someone who is.

The level of support you provide will depend on your relationship, however, I know first hand even the support from a stranger helps. The Purr-Low™ is designed to be an aid especially when grieving the loss of a pet and we hope this helps.

  • Be there, a message, a hug, a call.
  • Let them share what they feel. Listen.
  • Don’t disappear. Be around when others fade away.  
  • Don’t get annoyed with someone’s grief. Don’t ever impose your timeline on someone else’s grief. People are all different. 
  • Do something kind. Little gestures of kindness will help in immense ways. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say the pet's name. 
  • Say something. Anything is better than nothing. 
  • Continue to share your life with them. Allow them to experience your pet's if you have them but don't overwhelm them.
  • Don't suggest what they should or should not do. Let them decide.


The weight, the faux fur and the purr are all designed to comfort you. To provide grief companionship, as an aid for pet therapy or as a novelty toy. The Purr-Low™ From our heart to yours. ❤️

The Purr-Low™ is handmade to order in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality faux fur. 

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