Changing Batteries: The Ultimate Guide


A visual guide on how to change the batteries for your Purr-LowTM

  1. You need The Purr-LowTM, a screwdriver, and three new triple-A batteries.
  2. Locate the zip at one end and pull the fur away gently from the zip.
  3. Open up The Purr-LowTM and locate the soundbox inside a white pouch. Pull it up.
  4. Inside the pouch, pull out the soundbox.
  5. Grab the screwdriver and open up the battery compartment lid.
  6. Replace with new batteries then screw it back up.
  7. Once tightened, put the soundbox back into the white pouch.
  8. Return the pouch back into The Purr-LowTM lycra bag and zip it up.
  9. Then you’re done! 

You can also download the quick reference PDF of changing your Purr-Low™ batteries here on this link > Click here