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Sassy and spunky, that's Matilda for you. As the quintessential tortoiseshell cat, she has a reputation of being the home diva where it's her call if she wants to dish out tortitude or give you lots of love.

The Purr-Low™ Matilda channels the distinctive colouring of tortoiseshell cat patterns with its dark chestnut, chocolate-covered fur. Only Matilda comes in two options, 1.5kg like all the other purring pillows, and a 1kg specifically made for small children.

She may weigh less but that just adds up to her quirk and makes it easier for kids to either sit and calm down with Matilda on their lap, or lug it around to their happy spots.


We have designed Matilda to be your lightweight friend. The Purr-Low™ From our heart to yours. ❤️

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia from premium quality faux fur.


Product details:

Composition: 100% Acrylic Blend

The Purr-Low™ Size: 50cm x 18cm

Filling: Plastic Pellets (polyethylene)

Power Supply: 3 pcs 1.5V AAA Battery.

Warning: Small lightweight beads present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that while The Purr-Low™ purrs, it does not have a vibrate function. It is also designed to feel like a cat's fur but as a synthetic material, it is not exactly the same as real cat fur. We have chosen premium quality faux fur material to ensure that The Purr-Low™ is a sustainable and ethical product with a soft and huggable texture.

Additionally, please note that product colors may vary slightly due to device settings and photographic lighting sources. We recommend using the photos as a guide to the actual color only. The faux fur style, actual color, and textured finishes may also vary slightly per product based on the availability or dye lot changes of the materials between manufacturers. We cannot be responsible for factory result differences.